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Editorial Policy

The Journal de Ciencia e Ingeniería is an anual publication from the Engineering Faculty at the Corporación Universitaria Autonoma del Cauca, in Colombia. The Journal de Ciencia e Ingeniería adopts an open access policy based on the principle that, offering open access to research for the general public helps to a better exchange of global knowledge, to promote freedom, our countries development and facilitates the access and spread of science.

Subjects of Interest

The journal publishes scientific and technological manuscripts in the fields of: Engineering (all branches), physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, biology, astronomy, astrophysics, Complex Systems, and any interdisciplinary field with mathematical and physical components.

The Journal de Ciencia e Ingeniería will consider for publication manuscripts within the following categories:

  • Ordinary communications: Research and innovation manuscripts in any of the aforementioned areas.
  • Reviews and monographs: Manuscripts involving updates on a specific subject, compilations of progress on recent experimental or mathematical techniques, development of novel subjects of general interest, etc. (with at least 50 references).
  • Letters to the editor: Critiques to previously published manuscripts in this or other journals, along with answers to these critiques.
  • Brief presentations: Manuscripts presenting results for ongoing research that can be published in more detail at a later date (maximum 5 page extension).
  • Popular science manuscripts: Where an exhaustive review of current subject in the engineering and basic science fields is carried out.

Contributions may appear in Spanish, Portuguese or English. However, it is recommended that all manuscripts are written in English.

All contributions, with exception of Letters to the Editor, should be preceded by an Abstract in the language in which the work has been written and include a version of this Abstract in either English or Spanish.

All submitted manuscripts must contain original work and should not be under consideration by any other publication. They must be sent to the editor of this journal at the email address:, following the guidelines provided in every number of this journal and in the webpage:

Review Process

The Editorial Committee uses a double-blind peer review system, based on the experts that are deemed appropriate. The final decision is the sole responsibility of the main editor of the journal.

The publishing of a manuscript in this journal has no cost for the author(s) or their affiliations.

The printed journal is distributed freely and all manuscripts are available for Open Access in the webpage:

Intellectual Property

All manuscripts and communications to the Journal de Ciencia e Ingeniería are published under the Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional (BY-NC). Under this license, the authors retain the licensing rights over their work, allowing any user to share, copy, redistribute, transmit and adapt the material in any medium or format for any noncommercial purposes without the need of providing additional permissions, as long as the original authorship of the work is properly recognized, providing a link to the license and indicating whether changes have been made.

Authors may not use any licensed material within their manuscripts or communications, unless such material has been put at the disposal under a similar license.

Publishing Frequency

As from 2016, the manuscripts on the Journal de Ciencia e Ingeniería are published online as soon as the final version is available. The closing date for each number is on the month of July. The issue covers all accepted and published manuscripts since August of the preceding year until July of the current year. The journal is also published in printed form and is distributed freely to academic institutions, libraries and national and international researchers.


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Privacy statement

Names and email addresses submitted to this journal will be used solely for the ends established in it and will not be provided to third parties or for any ulterior motive.